Cosmetics is just what you use every day, to make skin-friendly ingredients with. Nevertheless, do not want to compromise on effectiveness. MIO at such a thought was born. MIO is gentle to the skin, has been developed to cosmetics can feel the effect. The more you use, please feel reborn skin.

Preservatives, synthetic antioxidants, without using any harmful substances such as stabilizers, airless container products has been adopted. In addition, by blending natural ingredients in luxury, you are a high quality, safe Cosmetics.

Keep your skin healthy, full of freshness and skin hydration. Use with plenty of natural ingredients, and Shima-intensive component is also completely eliminated the skin. MIO is a cosmetic foundation to commercialize the Vinyasa such importance.
Rose Flower Extract Fruit Extract Sasa Kurilensis Water Myrtillus Leaf Extract Jojoba Seed Oil

Washing Foam For all skin types
(except acne skin)
Cleansing Gel For all skin types
(except acne skin)
Moistrich Cream For wrinkled skin
Whitening Cream For all skin types
Essence Lotion For all skin types
Starter Kit