Vitamin C, AA2G

Today AA2G is highly esteemed by international brands. AA2G is verified by Department of Health as one of anti aging ingredients, hydrophilic formula. AA2G is a stabilized vitamin C at high temperatures and is not easy to be oxidized. It can restrain melanin, and works as collagen to restore skin to vitality. AA2G is verified by the global organization as safe, anti aging, and overall anti melanin. AA2G™(Ascorbic Acid 2-Glucoside) AA2G is absorbed by the skin, it gradually releases vitamin C. When penetrating into deeper layer of the skin, it is combined with aNAG in the skin. The stability of AA2G is 10 times than the normal vitamin C, it has multi-benefits: super antioxidant, to increase in the elasticity, whitening and anti aging.